Frontera Media

Frontera delivers independent investment research, data, and advisory services on the world’s frontier and emerging markets.


Client Side

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Premium WordPress

Server Side

HTTP2, SSL, Wordpress, PHP, Apache, MySQL, CentOS, AWS Linux AMI


WP Security, WP Backup, WP Cache, cPanel/WHM, LFD&CXS, Rackspace Cloud, AWS EC2, Ubuntu, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

User Experience & UI

Modern media portal using industry standard design with fast delivery and high SEO. Reaching users across platforms with RSS, Google News, AMP, Facebook IA, Apple News,

Front-end Views

Landing Page

Fullscreeen responsive design

Main News Category

View of main Collection of with subcategories and individual posts

News Sub-Category View

Various filtered Posts views

Digital Downloads Store with monthly subscriptions and single item purchases.

Hosted on Subdomain to retain SEO advantages, Homepage


Mobile Single article view

Mobile footer

Articles loop view

Mobile Navigation Menu

Mobile Categories view

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