Heta Real Estate

Real estate agency with largest assets portfolio in Montenegro, part of Alpe Adria Asset platform.


Client Side

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Premium WordPress

Server Side

HTTP2, SSL, Wordpress, PHP, Apache, MySQL, CentOS, VPS Cloud


WP Security, WP Backup, WP Cache, cPanel/WHM, LFD&CXS, VPS Cloud, Ubuntu, Windows, Android

User Experience & UI

Pushing local industry standards design with responsive UI, fast delivery, good SEO and high quality photography.

Front-end Views


Properties list with Filter

Property Detail view

Image Gallery, Mini-Contact Form, Property specific Custom Types Field, Google Maps Location

Property List

With Filters and Contact Form

Google Maps Location Cluster

Real-time Filter with view of 300+ listed properties on site


Site wide Footer

Mobile Properties List

Mobile Homepage

Footer view

Mobile Property Detail

Property Detail view

Responsive Image Gallery

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