Spices and Tease

Spices and Tease in New York, is your one stop on-line store for everything regarding spices and tea.


Client Side

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Premium WordPress

Server Side

HTTP2, SSL, Wordpress, WooCommerce/USPS/Braintree, PHP, Apache, MySQL, CentOS, VPS Cloud


WP Security, WP Backup, WP Cache, cPanel/WHM, LFD&CXS, VPS Cloud, Ubuntu, Windows, Android

User Experience & UI

Retail focused user flow, simple and efficient user experience

Front-end Views


Featuring best selling items widget

Shop Page

Categories Menu, Filtering by Price, Category Specific Header and Description

Product Details Page

Zoom-in gallery, Product Variations, Single Product Checkout

Shopping Cart Page

Real-Time shipping rates, Cart Page Checkout

Checkout Page

Compact Customer Details form, Guest Checkout, Real-time shipping rates, Paypal, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo

Wishlist page

Ability to save and share product wishlist

Main Shop Page

Custom header

Recipes page

Blogging style recipes pages

Register/Login Popup

Mobile Checkout Page

Mobile Shopping Cart

Mobile Menu Panel

Mobile Category List

Mobile Home Page

Mobile Category List & Filter

Mobile Shopping Cart Page

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